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Cornerspotted: Roosevelt Avenue Near Main Street In Flushing

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Not much action on this week's Cornerspotter, but the first commenter was also the first to identify the site: Roosevelt Avenue near Main Street in Flushing. The exact address of the building that remains, the four-story brick structure at the center of the image, is 136-21 Roosevelt Avenue (noted by another commenter). The 1951 photo comes from the Museum of the City of New York, which notes that the building was used by Consolidated Edison. Today, it's a hodgepodge of retailers and small offices, and the neighbors to the left have been demolished. Where the single-story garage stood, there's now an odd five-story brick-and-glass edifice; where the mansard roofed house stood, there's now an empty lot.

On the opposite side of Roosevelt Avenue, there used to be a three-story bus depot with lovely ornamentation and retail on the ground floor that created a lively street. Today, the sidewalk is bordered by the long, drab wall of a block-swallowing Macy's.
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