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Bowery Mission Crowdfunds Renovation With Facade Mural

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The Bowery Mission, a charity serving the homeless in New York City, needs to revamp its headquarters. Luckily, the organization has among its supporters artist Domingo Zapata, who has teamed up with the Bowery Mission to crowdfund the building's renovation. The money donated through the project's Earlyshares page will go toward the project, and in exchange, Zapata will paint a mural, inspired by one of his paintings, on the building's facade. The painting will begin the week of September 23. With 54 days to go in the funding campaign, the organization is $10,989 toward its $200,000 goal (and Zapata is actually, according to a press release about the project, hoping to reach $1 million). The initiative is the "first ever crowdfunded outdoor mural restoration project in NYC," though it's just one of several NYC artworks that Zapata has in progress?he has also, for example, been asked to paint a lobby mural at One World Trade Center.
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