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Lower East Side Penthouse Can't Find a Buyer for Some Reason

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This duplex sponsor unit in Ludlow Lofts at 75 Ludlow Street first hit the market in May of 2010 asking a rather ambitious $5,068,500. We were, to say the least, dubious. Three years and three pricechops later, it's down to $3,500,000, and still no one seems to be biting. And that's a good thing, because it's given the Ludlow Lofts developer who designed the apartment for him or herself time to decorate it, too. The result is glorious. Think the floorplan looked weird in 2010? Well just get a load of the upholstered chairs and bronze bed frame in the (book-less) "library/bedroom" under the yellow stairs. And for the record, the floorplan is still very weird. "This space ... can be used as master bedroom, screening room, basketball court, or den," the brokerbabble explains. It's good to have a room that can be either a basketball court or a den. That's called versatility.

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