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Park Ave Pad Resembles Spaceship From the '70s, Wants $15M

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It's not the ugliest apartment ever listed in 510 Park Avenue, but this $14,950,000 sixth-floor 5BR/5BA co-op, courtesy of newly independent superbroker Dolly Lenz, is pretty weird nonetheless. For one thing, there's the carpeted blue master suite. For another thing, there's a fireplace that looks like it's made out of aluminum. For a third thing, there's a landline built into a table. For a fourth through seventeenth thing, there is literally every single other part of the apartment. It looks like the set for a game show hosted by the Jetsons. The place is a far cry from the ornate prewar spreads that Lenz usually specializes in, but perhaps this is the future for I. Dolly. Or Will Smith's apartment from the sequel to I Robot.

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