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Bowery Poop-Thrower Exonerated; East Village Mystery House

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LOWER EAST SIDE?Charles Saulson has been exonerated. Remember him? He was the guy, a former sculptor and head of the condo board at 259 Bowery, accused of throwing poop at his next-door neighbor: a Norman Foster-designed Bowery box, a.k.a. the Sperone Westwater Gallery. The gallery also accused Saulson of tearing off black aluminum sheeting from the side of the building, which is more damaging but less smelly than feces, and using that in the barrage.

But a legal settlement signed March 7, sent our way by a tipster, says that "The parties acknowledge that Charles Saulson was not an occupant of the upper floors of 259 Bowery during the relevant periods... in their amended complaint, plaintiffs withdrew the allegation, originally based on the affidavit of [gallery manager] Brian Dooley, that Charles Saulson or 259 Bowery LLC threw or caused to be thrown any foreign objects onto Plaintiffs' premises during the periods mentioned..." And by foreign object, they mean turd. BTW, the settlement also involved the owners of 259 Bowery paying the gallery $17,500, but hey, Saulson is no longer in the shitter. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

EAST VILLAGE?From a reader comes the following query about an EVill building. His own research has come up short, which is where you, dear readers, come in. Here now, the mystery...

A friend of mine just moved into a new apartment on the first floor of a building on east 5th street, between 1st and 2nd. He has a private backyard behind his unit, with a high fence that limits what you can see. Behind all of the buildings in between 5th and 6th street and 1st and 2nd ave are a fairly typical east village set-up, fenced off backyards. However, right in the middle of all of the yards is a free standing building with no street access. It is completely isolated and there is no way you can get to it from the street. My friend is much less curious about it than I am. All he knows is that people do live there and they have access through a faux entranceway that appears to be a door for another building, but is really just an alleyway with a door that leads one to the back of the buildings. Google Maps has the building directly south of a restaurant called Mitali East on 6th street. Do you know anything about this? How was it not taken down at some point? It seems to be a total fire hazard as there are no way of trucks or ambulances making their way to the building. Are there more buildings like this in Manhattan?

We do know, of course, that there are plenty of buildings with no street-facing entrance (like this clapboard charmer on the Upper East Side), and you have to cut through other residences to get to them. But how many are scattered across the city? And what's the address for the one in question? If you've got intel, leave it in the comments or email us, and we'll put one reader's wandering mind to rest. [CurbedWire Inbox]

Sperone Westwater

257 Bowery, New York, NY 10002