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Jailed Socialite's Upper West Side Mansion Wants $75K/Month

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Dina Wein Reis, the socialite con artist who spent over a decade tricking Fortune 500 companies into giving her tens of millions of dollars worth of merchandise, was sentenced in April to 19 months in prison. And while she's away, she figured that she might as well use the opportunity make a little extra scratch by renting out her 13,000-square-foot, C.P.H. Gilbert-designed Upper West Side townhouse—the very same one that she used to woo her corporate marks—for $75,000/month. Hypothetically, if somebody did pay that price for the full 19 months, Reis would be able to raise almost 18 percent of the $8 million in restitution and fines she's been ordered to pay.

The mansion is still stocked with a large portion of Reis' art and furniture collection, which a judge ordered the feds to return to her after all of her belongings were initially seized. All in all, it looks like an extremely impressive place. That's probably the point, though.

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