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New Development Aims for Long Island City's Purves Street

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Purves Street might be Long Island City's busiest block, with a few new developments definitively in progress and others in the more speculative permit stage. Brownstoner Queens has a useful roundup of all of the projects, including updates to some we've covered before. Here now, an overview of what's happening on Purves Street:

1) 44-35 and 44-51 Purves Street: The Criterion Group planned to put two large rental buildings, Purves I and Purves II, on these lots. The sites were recently resold for $32.2 million, and it appears the new owner will be?doing exactly what the Criterion Group had planned to do on the site.

2) 44-46 Purves Street: A Queens-based buyer paid $4,137,500 for this warehouse in June, but there's no indication yet of the buyer's plans for the property.

3) 44-30 Purves Street: This site, too, sold in June, but the only permit is for a construction fence.

4) 44-18 and 44-22 Purves Street: These lots sold for $4.212 million, and 'Stoner Queens speculates that the buyer is investment/management company Aris.
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