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One57 Bylaws Ban Ponies, Massage Therapy, 'Modeling'

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The rich people who have purchased apartments in One57 are probably already plotting what they're going to buy with all that money they'll save by not having to pay real estate taxes. But before they get too excited, they should know that there are certain things that are not allowed in the super-luxury building.

According to a 296-page public filing that the Post diligently combed through, each apartment is limited to two "orderly domestic pets," such as dogs, cats, caged birds, and fish. More than two fish would obviously be unseemly. Gerbils, guinea pigs, bunnies, pigs, chickens, and ponies do not count as orderly domestic pets and are not allowed at all. The most obvious solution for all of One57's exotic pet-lovers, of course, is to dress up their ponies like cats and sneak them in at the end of the night doorman's shift when his eyes are tired. It's going to be tricky, though, because a photo of each pet must be submitted to the condo board for approval. If anyone has been thinking about opening a pet headshot business in Midtown, now is the time. In addition to some more standard restrictions (no barbecuing on the balconies, no loud music, no practicing musical instruments at night), other items and activities banned in the building include window decorations (curtains and blinds have to be board-approved), massage therapy, nude or semi-nude performances, and "modeling." Who even wants to live in a building with no modeling?
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