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Manhattan Ave. Construction Watch; Reimagining Allen Street

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HARLEM?A tipster sends along a photo of 272 Manhattan Avenue , which has fencing and is currently undergoing work by Artimus Construction. Apparently, the building, which is owned by HPD, has been in limbo for years; per Harlem Bespoke, "It's quite a large building with lovely details and the location faces Morningside Park. So why hasn't it been renovated or sold?" City records show a transfer of the mortgage for $4.75 million from HPD to an enigmatically named 272 Equities LLC, which could indicate a conversion, but the most recent DOB filings still list HPD as the owner. Any clues as to the future of the building? You know what to do. [CurbedWire Inbox]

THE INTERWEBS/LOWER EAST SIDE?A design by one of our Curbed Young Guns who is based in New York, Gensler's Eric Tan, is up for an SXSW award. His project, "Reframing the Spaces Between: From Blight to Bright Reimagining the Allen Street Pedestrian Mall," proposes out-of-the-box ways to reinvent the wide median on that block, including rain-fed ponds, lounge areas, electric car chargers, and more. Read more about his plan here and vote here. Neat. [CurbedWire Inbox]