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One-Bedroom Walk-Up On Charming Minetta St. Asks $649K

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Price: $649,000
Address: 1-3 Minetta Street #5A
Size: 1BR/1BA
Maintenance: $651

New to the West Village market is a quaint one-bedroom co-op in a walk-up building on a leafy stretch of short Minetta Street, where, as the broker tells us, Al Pacino filmed Serpico and Woody Allen set Sleeper. This fifth-floor apartment is undeniably adorable?albeit a cozy 600 square feet?but it does have windows in every room (including the bathroom and kitchen), a washing machine, and four closets as well as built-in storage above the bed. The maintainence is low, and the unit last changed hands in 2008, meaning buyers tend to hang onto it for a bit. But will all that make up for its pentagonal bedroom, and is it worth shlepping five flights of stairs every day?

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