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'Baby Jane' Holzer Hit With Extortion Suit Over Building Sale

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When it comes to the real estate dealings of Jane "Baby Jane" Holzer, Curbed has covered her apartment sales and searches, but the former Andy Warhol muse has a pretty hefty real estate portfolio, including several buildings in the Lower East Side and East Village. Croman Real Estate had reached a deal with Holzer to purchase four of her buildings?60 Avenue B, 159-161 Stanton Street, 193-195 Stanton Street and 343 East 8th Street? for $40.1 million, but the Real Deal reports that the sale is souring. Croman claims Holzer is trying to extort millions of dollars from them, as well as threatening to rent out 18 currently vacant rent-stabilized apartments. In the lawsuit, the Croman's lawyer says Holzer's actions "are the functional equivalent of threatening to set the buildings on fire if the purchaser does not accede to the seller's demands."

The deal originally set the sales closing date for June 1, 2013, but in March, Holzer asked for additional compensation for keeping the apartments empty; $3,000 per unit, plus per diem rent charges. She said she would rent out the units if the additional cash was not added to the total, and she allegedly also demanded another $2.5 million, just for kicks. The lawsuit seeks to stop Holzer from renting the apartments and require her to sell the buildings at the previously agreed upon price.
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Photos of 60 Avenue B and 343 East 8th Street via Property Shark