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Soccer Sagas

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The New York City Football Club is still searching for a home. Outraged Queens residents halted plans for a new stadium on 13 acres of Flushing Meadows Park, so MLS turned to the Bronx. The franchise is now eyeing a new site: a debt-ridden parking garage near Yankee Stadium. Negotiations are underway for the nine-acre site, sandwiched between the Major Deegan Expressway and East 153rd Street. No precious parkland would be lost if a deal is struck, but it could still prove difficult. The club would need to acquire additional parcels that hold businesses, and a deal would have to put the parking garage owner, which defaulted on a $237 million loan last year, back on solid ground. But when a team's co-owner is Abu Dhabi royalty, is money really an issue? [NYT; previously]