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What Does a Best Case NYC Subway System Look Like?

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Everybody and their mothers have about a hundred ideas for what could be done to improve the New York City subway system. The thing that's stopping most of those ideas from coming to fruition (besides the fact that a lot of them are batshit crazy) is, of course, money. Taking that into account, Andrew Lynch of Vanshookenraggen has created a subway map of the future, employing, in his words, "realistic ideas that could use existing infrastructure better and develop lines that served the growing areas of the city while better connecting the outer boroughs." Most notably, his map—which takes design cues from Massimo Vignelli's doomed map from the '70s—introduces a three-part Second Ave. line that reaches into the Bronx and previous un-subwayed parts of Queens. What subway lines would you add if you were redesigning the map? Let us know in the comments section, or just head out there with a jackhammer and start digging.
· A history of future subway systems [2nd Ave. Sagas]
· Vanshnookenraggen map [PDF]