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New Murals for Dumbo; Checking In On Three FiDi Properties

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DUMBO?Eight artists are beautifying the BQE with colorful murals along four Dumbo blocks. Located near York Street, the artworks are the product of a partnership between the DOT's Urban Art Program, Dumbo mega-landlord Two Trees Management, the Dumbo BID, and Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Works by CAM, MOMO, Stefan Sagmeister and Yuko Shizimu are sponsored by the BID and Two Trees, while the other paintings?by DALeast, Eltono, Shepard Fairey and Faith47?are presented by the gallery and Wooster Collective in conjunction with a group show at 525 W 22nd Street. A few photos of the in-progress murals are posted above. [CurbedWire Inbox; official]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT?A downtown denizen sends some updates on a few FiDi projects. Foundation work for the new condo portion of the ongoing project at 5 Beekman Street (aka Temple Court) is solidly underway, and the new rental building next door at 113 Nassau Street is "pretty much complete." Our tipster thinks it will be ready for September occupancy. There also seems to be activity at the once-troubled 45 Broad Street, where Robert De Niro and co. wanted to build a skinny hotel-condo. Our tipster saw people at the site, but he most recent DOB permits are from 2011, when SLCE Architects filed plans for a new building. The permit is categorized as a "pre-filing" and points to a 2007 application for a 53-story building. However, that plan was disapproved in 2009. We've reached out to the architects for more intel, but please do hit up the tipline if you know something we don't. [CurbedWire Inbox]

5 Beekman Street

5 Beekman St., New York, NY 10038