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Avant-Garde 345Meatpacking Sells All 37 Condos In 9 Months

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The artsy, glitzy, multi-facaded 345Meatpacking has sold out. And for high prices, too. The milestone comes after a quirky and much-doubted buildup that began, somewhat inauspiciously, with all-star duo Jay-Z and Andres Balazs defaulting on the pair of commercial properties that stood on the site. Design-savvy developer DDG snapped them up for $25.3 million in 2010. And here we are, nine months after the 37 condos at 345 West 14th Street went on the market, and Crain's is reporting that the apartments?which many naysayers thought wouldn't fetch $2,000/square foot?ended up selling for an average of $2,300 per square foot, with some as high as $3,500 per square foot. (Sale prices ranged from $1 million all the way to penthouses nearing $6.8 million.)

Armed with an unusual three-part facade?eight stories of gray bricks imported from Denmark, topped by three-story bronze cornice with a small greenhouse/garden on top of that?and a green-slash-industrial awning, the project amped up the creative angle with cool construction netting designed by eccentric Japanese scion Yayoi Kusama and also played host to an Andy Warhol exhibition, and the contemporary condos were ultimately revealed to much fanfare. Turns out the hype was justified.
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345 W14th Street, New York (Meatpacking Dist), NY 10011