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Inwood's Sherman Creek To Get A Storm-Resistant Rec Center

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The New York Restoration Project?the group responsible for the remarkable clean-up and makeover of Swindler Cove?invited eight young architecture firms to create proposals for an eco-friendly, flood-resistant recreation and learning center for Sherman Creek Park along the Harlem River. The former illegal dumping ground is the "crown jewel" of NYRP's efforts, turning a toxic, garbage-filled lot into one of the city's most beautiful parks. Now another undeveloped section is headed for a transformation thanks to the EDGE/ucation Pavillion Design Competition.

[Swindler Cove Park. Photo by Nathan Kensinger.]

Bustler outlines the parameters for the pavilion's design. The building site is a flood plain that was used for boat clubs until the 1950s, and the proposals must create a storm-resistant, porous outdoor classroom that the NYRP can use for things like "bird-watching, bog and wetland exploration and oyster gardening." The plan must also include a boat launch with secure boat storage to offer recreational rowing. Designs will be judged on durability, sustainability, flood-protection, and accessibility.

All of the participating firms are based in Brooklyn or Manhattan: Bade Stageberg Cox, Desai/Chia Architecture, HOLLER Architecture, KNE Studio, Lang Architecture, Taylor and Miller Architecture + Design, Urban Data & Design, and WORKac. The winning design will be chosen by a jury of architecture and design bigwigs, including representatives from Ennead Architects, SHoP Architects, the Parks Department, and Port Authority, as well as NYRP's famous founder, Bette Midler. Proposals are due September 16, and the winner will be announced in November. The construction of the pavilion will be the final step in the restoration of Sherman Creek Park.
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