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Sexy Rock & Roll Penthouse Sells for $8.5 Million, Sets Records

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iPod accessory inventor Jeff Grady just sold his customized 4,000-square-foot duplex penthouse in Ariel East for $8.5 million, making it, according to The Real Deal, the second most expensive condo to trade in Upper Manhattan (this penthouse in 1200 Fifth Avenue is the first) and also "the most expensive resale deal for a condominium north of 96th Street."

Grady had originally listed the apartment, which he purchased in 2007 for $6.1 million, for $12.5 million, telling the Times that he was just testing the market. He had also offered to include his furniture (among other crazy things, chairs with Warhol portraits silkscreened onto them and a $500,000 Chihuly) but since the buyer paid only 68 percent of the asking price, that part of the deal might have been off the table. Then again, this record-setting condo was Grady's pied-a-terre that he used when he came to the city for concerts, so it seems equally likely that he just threw all that stuff in anyway.
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Ariel East

2628 Broadway, New York, NY