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10 Rentals in 'Bedwick' (Yes, Really) Start at $1,650/Month

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Breaking news, everyone: the intersection of Bed-Stuy and Bushwick is now apparently known as "Bedwick," according to the brokerbabble on rental listings at a newly renovated 12-unit rental building in the area. Now that you know what it is, you can totally live there. Ten of the apartments at 71 Stuyvesant Avenue are now on the market. The building had a grand opening yesterday with celebratory champagne, which drew a grand total of 12 people (including those from Manhattan and Williamsburg who are considering moving farther afield), according to Corcoran broker Roni Dotan. A studio is renting for $1,650/month, one-bedrooms for between $2,150 and $2,550, two-bedrooms for $2,350-$3,000, a 3BR for $3,000 even, and a four-bedroom for $3,950. The apartments at 71 Stuyvesant are termed lofts, and while some of them have second levels, their main features are best described as "loft-like": wooden beams on high-ish ceilings; and lots of exposed brick?including in the bathroom. Six of the 12 overhauled apartments have outdoor space. The apartments also boast what might possibly be the skinniest closet of all time. Dotan, who also represented the candy factory-turned-rentals conversion at 390 Wythe Avenue, says "If this would be in Williamsburg, it would be so much more expensive... nobody has ever done anything like this in Bed-Stuy before." Wait, we thought it was Bedwick?

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