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Street Art 'Portals' Lead Viewers Around the East Village

Over the last few weekends, intricate murals have popped up on East Village walls with no explanation for the detailed, spiritually symbolic images. According to the Atlantic Cities, the artworks are part of an interactive street art exhibit by the Free Art Society called 13 Portals. Each Saturday, a new mural appears in an empty doorway in the East Village, and amid the colorful images?inspired by ancient history, magic, and science?there is a QR code that leads to some kind of clue or journey to let viewers "pass through" the portal and "unlock the knowledge of the ancients." Participants follow the hints to a performance, where they have the chance to find one of 64 keys that gives them access to a final event that will reveal what the whole puzzle means.

The project is the brainchild of Free Art Society founder Nicolina Johnson and artist Perola Bonfanti. The first image was installed July 13, and it will continue through October. The artworks are painted on heavy paper, and they take about three weeks to create. Installation occurs just before dawn each Saturday, and it's never sure how long they will last. One was already torn down. Anyone can participate, but be prepared for craziness. The second event involved a group dressed in all black meeting up with a group dressed in all white and parading to a rooftop party at an old church.
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