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The Pod Hotel Is Opening A Williamsburg Outpost, Naturally

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The Pod Hotel is opening up another outpost, heading across the river from its current locations in Midtown East and Murray Hill for a third in... wait for it... Williamsburg. Capital New York reports that it will have more than 200 rooms and be located at Driggs Avenue and North 4th Street. Clocking in at over 100,000 square feet and 50 feet tall at its highest point, the mixed-use development will have retail space, a series of courtyards, a restaurant, bar, roof garden, and roof terrace bars. The architect on the project is Jim Garrison, who is weighing the pros and cons of building the hotel using modular construction, an au-moment trend exemplified by, for example Atlantic Yards tower B2 and Inwood's Broadway Stack. Speed is its main draw; Garrison designed a center at Lehman College that took three days to build, and his Rockaways lifeguard stands took 5.5 months from drawing board to completion. The new Pod Hotel would be made up of prefabricated 10' x 30' components that would encompass two rooms and a corridor, which "reduces construction time and trade coordination errors."
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