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Ecotastic Two-Family House Replacing A Sackett Street Garage

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A five-story, two-family "greenstone" is rising where a 100-year-old garage once stood in Park Slope. The development comes from the firm Brooklyn Greenstone, which designs and builds modern, eco-conscious homes. The architects sent over some renderings and construction photos, showing the process of converting and expanding the original building, located at 709 Sackett Street. The final product will have a 3,200-square-foot four-bedroom triplex topped by a 1,700-square-foot four-bedroom duplex. They will share an inner courtyard, and the ground-level will have a parking space. The development has been in the works for awhile, but a debate with the DOB over whether or not the lot could keep its parking rights and create a courtyard delayed construction. Greenstone, obviously, won the fight.

The building will have a zoned Energy Star HVAC system, a low-emissions tankless water heater, Marvin Energy Star windows, radiant floor heating, and local materials will be used in construction. The duplex unit will have a two-story central courtyard surrounded by the living areas and master bedroom. There will also be an outdoor kitchen and large private deck. The penthouse will have three outdoor spaces: a patio with a kitchen, a deck off of the master bedroom, and a rooftop terrace.

Construction should be complete in spring 2014.
· Brooklyn Greenstone [official]