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This Man Actually Lives In A Dumpster He Tricked Out Himself

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Rather than using dumpsters as a home for gardens or pools, designer/builder/artist Gregory Kloehn has decided to repurpose one into... an actual home. HGTV profiled him for an episode of "You Live In What?", in which Kloehn show off his forest green and red micro (trash) dwelling, which took six months to kit out. It's got a toilet, stove, and sink, as well as a sloped roof that can be levered up to reveal windows and doubles as a deck for seating. There's also a grill that, when in use, protrudes off of the side of what is essentially a metal box. (The shower also sticks off the side, for an al fresco streetside experience of dubious hygienic value.) "People say, 'You know, hey, I don't even have a barbecue at my house. And you have a barbecue in a garbage can?'" Kloehn says. "I think they're just surprised that someone would take something like this and take enough time to make it at home."

[Photos via Gregory Kloehn's website.]

The West Coast resident only spends some of his time living it up on Brooklyn sidewalks in the tricked-out dumpster. Fun fact: A garbage truck has never attempted to empty it, because you have to pay for that service. But the legality of the whole thing still seems iffy. Then again, Kloehn and his dumpster have been on national TV, so maybe it's totally cool.
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