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Condo Conversion Finally Underway at East Village Synagogue

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Several years after it was first proposed, the plan for a condo conversion at the Anshei Meseritz synagogue at 415 East Sixth Street is finally underway. EV Grieve notes that construction signage is now up at the site, along with broken furniture and discarded prayerbooks outside indicating a clear-out of the building. The congregation's rabbi, who passed away in June, made a deal before his death for the congregation to use some space on the building's ground floor and in the basement for 99 years, even as condos rise above them.

It appears the specifics of that construction, though, are still somewhat up in the air. The DOB has approved interior demolition but, as EV Grieve points out, denied an application to add fourth and fifth floors to the building. Those floors would have held residential units, as per the plan by architect Joseph Pell Lombardi, who insists the addition wouldn't be visible from the street.
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