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Scandals of Reality Television

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Another broker, Elliman's Jessica Cohen, was originally part of the cast of Million Dollar Listing. But she was fired after three months of filming, and she dishes to The Real Deal about what it was like behind the scenes of the show. Her last straw: "The day with my stager. [The producers] said, "Is there anything you're going to get upset about already?" I said, "Oh, look at all these wires in the corner. What are we going to do? How are we going to get the photographs with all these wires exposed?"...Maybe I was being a little sarcastic that somebody was asking me to get upset about something because I really felt it was ridiculous." Cohen was paid $3,500 per episode for the three episodes she shot, but spent more than $100,000 on her apartment, wardrobe, hair, and makeup. In other Million Dollar Listing news, Elliman reps announced that current cast member Luis Ortiz has, as rumored, taken a job at Elliman after losing his job at Keller Williams. [TRD; CurbedWire Inbox]