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10 Gracie Square Pad With 'Discreet Flourishes' Asks $14.975M

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10 Gracie Square is known for, among other things, extremely high monthly maintenance costs?so high, in fact, that the $9,024/month maintenance for 10 Gracie #3A doesn't really seem so bad. (The full ask is $14.975 million.) The apartment's claim to fame: it was once featured on the cover (Warning: PDF) of Elle Decor. The space was designed by AD100 architect Daniel Romualdez known for "elegance and energy" in his design of classical spaces. The white expanse doesn't exactly thrill us, but it certainly sounds like an improvement over the previous owner's orange stucco walls (not, sadly, clearly revealed in the earlier listing).
The design does have some "discreet flourishes," Elle Decor argues: "Color is introduced via artworks by Miro and Dubuffet. Dining chairs by Restoration Hardware sport custom-made slipcovers with laced backs that evoke corsetry?.In the living room fireplace, flames spring from a bed of glistening crystals."
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