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Revised 815 Fifth Avenue Still Can't Get Past Landmarks

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Architect Tim Greer was forced to make some changes to his design for a 14-story residential building at 815 Fifth Avenue after the Landmarks Preservation Commission told him, at a meeting in May, that the facade was too flat and the building lacking in definition. The commission appreciated the revisions that Greer presented yesterday—including a more articulated base with fluted limestone, enlarged cornices at the second and top floors, bronze edging around the windows, and a seven foot taller (from 17 to 24 feet) penthouse—but not quite enough to give the project the green light. "The shaft of the building is relentlessly uniform," commented Vice Chair Pablo Vengoechea, who went on to suggest that the architects introduce more masonry to the design. In addition, almost all of the commissions took issue with the bronze mechanical enclosure on the roof, which they thought was accentuating a part of the building that should be trying to blend in. The commission did not take action and Greer will return at a later date with a second round of revisions.
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815 Fifth Avenue

815 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10065