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Hopper-Gibbons House Owner Must Seek Landmarks Approval

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And the score is now preservationists: 1, building owner: 0 in the fight over the Hopper-Gibbons House, Manhattan's last surviving Underground Railroad stop. The Board of Standards and Appeals essentially refused to weigh in on whether building owner Tony Mamounas could keep the addition he built atop the property in 2005 (the house was landmarked in 2010), but a judge ruled yesterday that Mamounas must get retroactive approval for the addition from the Landmarks Preservation Commission. In fact, the Daily News explains, Mamounas won't be able to rent the apartments in the building at all unless he gets that approval.

Retroactive LPC approval worked for Robert De Niro, but without De Niro's starpower, how likely is it for Tony Mamounas? Not likely at all, theorizes the Daily News?and if denied, Mamounas would have to tear the addition down. One apartment in the building is currently occupied, but the building has no certificate of occupancy.
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Hopper Gibbons House

339 West 29th Street, New York, NY