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H&Ms Will Carry Home Goods; All About The Garment District

And now, the latest from Racked NY, shopping and retail from the sidewalks up?

1) Midtown: Cheap cushion covers, here we come. H&M announced two massive new outposts for NYC this fall, one in Times Square and the other on Fifth Avenue, and they're likely to carry the Swedish brand's new home goods collection in-store (currently only available in the U.S. online) for the first time.

2) The Fitnessverse: Racked is on the hunt for the hottest trainer in NYC. Yeah, go ogle those contestants.

3) Garment District: One of our favorite urban haunts, the Skyscraper Museum, has opened a pop-up exhibition of its ongoing show about the Garment District. It's open through October 31.

4) Citywide: Last week, the first-ever lineup of Racked Young Guns made its debut, listing the nation's 15 brightest talents in fashion under the age of 35. Here's 20 places where you can shop their wares in our fair city.
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