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Inside Extell's In-Progress Carlton House Condo Conversion

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[Photos by Will Femia.]

While Extell's Carlton House?the Upper East Side condo conversion of the Helmsley Carlton House hotel?awaits occupancy next summer, the sales team has set up a model unit of sorts in a building nearby. We say "of sorts" because the apartment is a conventional two-bedroom, but it also includes a few extra rooms meant to show the look of the conversion's larger apartments. Photographer Will Femia paid the model setup a visit last week; photos are in the gallery above. The building will have 69 units, including a 9,000-square-foot duplex penthouse and a 10,000-square-foot "mansion" with outdoor space, both new construction. The addition atop the building is newly in progress; the mansion hasn't yet been built.

StreetEasy shows 18 units on the market, starting at $3.15 million for a 2BR and going up to $27.5 million for a 4BR. The mansion and the penthouse will each ask $65 million once they're ready to face the market. StreetEasy shows another 25 listings in contract, priced from $2.9 million to $23.5 million. Here are a few floorplans:

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The Carlton House

680 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10065