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101 Warren Street Duplex With Epic Terrace Asks $35 Million

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Whoever the mystery individual is behind Weeumo LLC?the buyer, for $22,401,500 in 2008, of apartment #3420 at 101 Warren Street?he or she has thrown it all into the unit. Celeb designer Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz is responsible for the look of the place, which includes a 60-foot-wide living room on the lower level, a mudroom and pantry, and a 2,400-square-foot irrigated and landscaped wrap-around terrace. Of course, the asking price has also left 2008's $22.4M in the dust: the owner now wants $35 million for the apartment. And the building's gulf between rich and poor widens.
UPDATE: The Observer identifies the sellers as Rebekah Mercer and Sylvain Mirochnikoff.
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101 Warren Street

101 Warren St, New York, NY 10013