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Another 15 Central Park West Sponsor Unit Getting Flipped

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If you ever invent a time machine that takes you back to 2008, the first thing you should do after you've made a few million dollars betting sports is to spend that money on a sponsor unit in 15 Central Park West, because then you could live in it for five years and resell it for a ridiculous amount of money and that's what time travel is all about. Racer/timelord Jeff Gordon did it last month, and now Haim Lalo, owner of Cafe Lalo (featured in You've Got Mail) on the Upper West Side, is doing it with his second-floor, 2BR/2.5BA apartment, for which he paid a hair over $4 million when the building was new. The 2,021-square-foot pad is back on the market for $10,900,000, which seems like a lot for a second-floor two-bedroom, but hey, this is 15 CPW we're talking about, and it has a terrace (not a given for the building). Get working on that flux capacitor.

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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023