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NYCHA Watch List Lets Public Housing Tenants Track Repairs

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Tenants of New York City's public housing now have the ability, just like readers of the regular worst landlords list, to figure just how badly the New York City Housing Authority is doing repairing their buildings. Public Advocate (and mayoral candidate) Bill de Blasio has launched the NYCHA watch list, a website that tracks the number of outstanding repair requests for each public housing building and the average number of days those requests have been pending. Some of the numbers are staggering. The worst address, 1305 Amsterdam Avenue, has 6,203 outstanding repair requests that have been hanging around for an average of 344 days. Red Hook West, at 80 Dwight Street, has 4,531 pending requests, with an average wait of 239 days. Williamsburg's Sumner Houses have waited 521 days, on average, for fixes. The site also contains details on the repair requests, which are everything from non-working heat and air conditioning to a need for new paint.
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