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Gotham West Compensates for Failings with Food

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Gotham West—the newest residential mega-complex in Hell's Kitchen—is trying to lure unsuspecting tenants to its awful location between Tenth and Eleventh Avenue with gourmet, and sometimes complimentary, food.

At the base of the four towers is the forthcoming Gotham West Market (complete with "foodie" offerings, like Court Street Grocers and the Brooklyn Kitchen), while the building proper has a state-of-the-art demo kitchen, which will be used by building staff to serve tenants free breakfast every day. Even the studio apartments are muscling in on the action, with each unit featuring a full-size kitchen and—take this one with a heaping spoonful of salt—seating for ten.

The area is seeing some serious development following the approval of the 2011 West Clinton Rezoning, a reality which births hilarious quotes such as this one from a leasing agent at Mercedes House, another new luxury building in Hell's Kitchen:

"It's close to Times Square, it's close to the Sixth Ave. corridor with all the offices, and it's close to Columbus Circle. Overall, it's low-rise and a little bit gritty — the kind of frontier neighborhood feeling that people just treasure." Frontier neighborhood, indeed. To quote Horace Greeley, "Go West, young man, go West and grow up with the country." Together, we shall tame this wild landscape and drive the rent-stabilized savage westward to the car dealerships on Eleventh Avenue.
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Gotham West

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