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$23M Sky Garage PH Glows; Steinway Interior Gets Landmarked

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WEST CHELSEA?When developer Youngwoo Associates announced that Penthouse 1 at the Annabelle Selldorf-designed Sky Garage building (a.k.a. 200 Eleventh Avenue) was going to be getting a total renovation, we called it a blockbuster of the future. Well, the future is almost here. In advance of the penthouse's re-listing at a price more than $20M (predicted to be $23M), until Friday its windows are glowing purple "with industrial movie lights to get people's attention and celebrate NY Fashion Week." This info is per Ryan Serhant's team, which is brokering the eventual sale. Here's what it looked like on the inside the last time it sold?for a mere $11 million. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

MIDTOWN/MIDTOWN WEST?The rotunda-ed, frescoed first-floor interiors of Steinway Hall, the famed showroom of grand pianos, became the city's 116th indoor landmark today. According to the LPC, "it served as a circulation hub where Steinway representatives met musicians, visitors and potential customers before escorting them to the piano showrooms or to the 'piano bank,' where musicians select instruments needed for a concert or tour." Built in 1925, 109 West 57th Street was already a landmark, but now the neo-Renaissnce reception room and an adjacent hallway will also be preserved, despite the building's sale. That means the pretty spaces are safe even as its air rights were sold to JDS Development this summer, which is bringing yet another giant, skinny, glassy tower o' condos to 57th Street?the latest SHoP design was just unveiled yesterday. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

UPPER WEST SIDE?It's good to know that handcraftmanship and artisan-y skills aren't limited to Brookyn or anything. A tipster sends us a photo of a worker hand-painting gold leaf on the awning of a building at Central Park West and 73rd Street. Anyone know what building it is, and whether it's just a routine facade spiff-up or something more? [CurbedWire Inbox]

200 11th Avenue

200 11th Avenue, New York, New York