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South Slope Shitshow Rebuilds, Hopes To Start New Life

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When we posted the listing for 396 15th Street in May 2012, little did we know that the former factory was, basically, a complete shitshow for a long time (thanks in large part to its neighbor, an even bigger shitshow). IMBY heroically documented the saga of the little garage, which lost its original facade sometime around 2005 when excavation by the neighbor went awry and shifted its foundation, cracking the building. It was rebuilt and hit the market last year as a development property, complete with a plan to convert it into apartments. Someone snapped it up in July, and those plans have become a reality. IMBY snapped a few photos of the renovated building, showing its new facade and two-story addition.

For having once been on the verge of complete collapse, the place looks pretty darn good. IMBY notes that 15 feet at the rear of the building were removed to comply with outdoor space setbacks, and the two new 2,300-square-foot floors also have setbacks, creating private outdoor spaces. The owners have applied for a new certificate of occupancy, so now we wait with bated breath for the listings to come online.
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