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Seaport Site Changes Hands; Will This Tower Soon Rise?

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[Renderings via John Fotiadis Architect PLLC]

The South Street Seaport shopping mall Pier 17 is officially on its way to becoming Pier 17 2.0, but it's not the only site to watch on the downtown waterfront. Globe Street reports that at a block-long property at 151-161 Maiden Lane recently sold to Fortis Property Group (of 30 Henry Street, 20 Bayard, and more. The site, which has no height restrictions, can accommodate a 249,242-square-foot mixed-use building with up to 138,468-square-feet of residential development. The seller was Key Development Group, who previously commissioned John Fotiadis Architect PLLC to design a 40-story tower, pictured above, for the site. Fotiadis tells us that they have not yet been contacted by the new owners, but they hope that Fortis will reach out.

We've reached out to the developer for more information, so we'll update if we hear back. If you have more intel, you know what to do.
· Fortis Buys Seaport Area Parcel for $64M [Globe Street]
· 151-161 Maiden Lane [JFA official]

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