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The New Yorker Is Spot On; Gowanus Whole Foods Opening?

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MAGAZINE LAND?Cartoonist Adrian Tomine, who is responsible for the new New Yorker cover above, says of the NYC real estate world, "You can definitely drive yourself crazy thinking about the cost of living here, but I try to remind myself that the monthly check I send off is giving me access to a lot of great things beyond our apartment. On certain lean months, I probably remind myself of that with greater frequency and vehemence, and my wife probably wonders why I'm suddenly so rhapsodic about, say, a Bagel Hole bagel or the view from Brooklyn Bridge Park. It also helps to avoid that sadistic real estate feature in the Times where they show you, like, 'What you get for?$150,000' in other cities." [h/t @JonathanMiller]

GOWANUS?Warning, this is sheer rumormongering. But the long saga of the new Whole Foods could be ending within two months, even though we last heard it would open in January. We received from a tipster the following tale: "I was shopping at WF Tribeca yesterday, and an employee who will be transferring over to the Gowanus store told me that they are aiming to open in time for Thanksgiving, to compete with the other grocery stores in the area for the holiday. He also said that it would have its own brewery, and its own rooftop garden." She ended her e-mail with a "!!" !!, indeed. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

THE ANNALS OF CITY GOVERNMENT?We heard a funny little tidbit from our urban planning friends. Because the City Planning Commission has so many giant projects left to approve (or shoot down, but really, who are we kidding?) before Bloomberg leaves office, they've taken to calling the slew of upcoming meetings Planageddon. Yup. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

MIDTOWN WEST?A tipster sent in the photo above, which captures the ongoing action at the Hudson Yards construction site as well as the last phase of the High Line (see that cluster of greenery, bottom right?). Let's not get our hopes up, but it appears that we've risen above the foundation. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

Hudson Yards

, Manhattan, NY 10001