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How I Met Your Mother Creator Lands a Tribeca Novogratz

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How I Met Your Mother co-creator Craig Thomas and his wife Rebecca Alson-Milkman, a dancer, just bought a 4,410-square-foot duplex $6.6 million, $100K over the asking price. The apartment, luckily for Thomas and Alson-Milkman, the basis for How I Met Your Mother characters Marshall and Lily, is not in Dowisetrepla, but in the much nicer and better-smelling (usually) Tribeca.

The sellers of the impressive space are none other than John Novogratz (the least famous Novogratz sibling—sort of like the Marlon Jackson of the family) and his wife Tina. Though they may be lesser Novogratzi, John and Tina did manage to pull a classic Novogratz, buying the 5BR/3BA condo for $3.44 million, renovating the crap out of it, throwing in a lot of weird, incongruous decor, and getting almost double what they originally paid four years later. Come to think of it, perhaps Robert and Courtney Novogratz (Michael and Janet) played some sort of a role here.

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