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Heights Police Station-Turned-Condos Hits Market This Fall

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Apartments in 72 Poplar Street, the century-old former police station in Brooklyn Heights that is being converted into a 14-unit condo building, will hit the market in late fall. Developers the Daten Group, who told the Times last October that the target buyers for the project are "urban hipsters starting families," recently rolled out a new website for the building, although so far the pictures are only of things like a laughing group of 30-year-olds in a trendy-looking restaurant, the Brooklyn waterfront at night, and a faux gaslight.

Designed, by Freyer Architects, the 14 units will be a mix of 2BRs, 3BRs, and 4BRs with ceiling heights ranging from 8.6 to 14 feet. The units themselves will range in size from 1,424 to 3,368 square feet and be price from $1,595,000 to $5,750,000, presumably the price of the penthouse, which offers 360-degree views. Some units come with outdoor space. Building amenities include a gym, lounge, cold storage in the lobby, bike storage, virtual doorman, and parking. Occupancy is slated for 2014.

UPDATE: Sottiledesigns collaborated with Freyer Architects on the project. Curbed apologizes for the oversight.
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72 Poplar Street

72 Poplar Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201