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40 Bond Power Player Finds a Buyer for Full-Floor Spread

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A June price cut that seemed unusual in a busy market may turn out to have been merely the latest smart move from William Kriegel, the owner?for now?of the eight floor of 40 Bond. Kriegel listed his apartment for $27 million and sliced that price after only two months. And now, as of yesterday, the apartment is in contract. The building's pedigree means it doesn't usually have too much trouble luring buyers, and in this case, the apartment also has David Mann design and Jeff Mendoza landscaping (of a 20-foot-deep terrace) among its perks.

Before 40 Bond, Kriegel gave his heart and his wallet to the New Museum building, which he developed solely to acquire its penthouse. He sold that penthouse to Bon Jovi, who just tried a pricechop himself in order to resell.
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40 Bond Street

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