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Checking In at the One World Trade Center Construction Site

After years of delays, construction at the World Trade Center site is now barreling right along, and we headed down there yesterday with a camera to join the throngs of tourists and see what we could make out through the chain link fences that surround the site. Not all that much, as it turns out, at least compared to what's available on the Port Authority's WTC Progress Facebook page, but it's still easy to see that things are happening. The site is active and bustling with construction people and equipment, all working to make sure that the newly topped-off One World Trade Center is on track to open in early 2014, eight years after construction began on the tower. The Daily News has a handy graphic that shows when each building at the site is supposed to be finished—other planned opening dates include November of this year for 4 World Trade Center, next spring for the underground 9/11 museum, 2015 for the transportation hub, and 2016 for 3 World Trade Center.

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3 World Trade Center

175 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10007