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Semi-Famous Couple Wants $9M For 30 Crosby Street Loft

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Celebrity favorite 30 Crosby Street doesn't only attract the rich and famous; it also attracts the rich and less famous, like the couple selling this 4,123-square-foot loft. StreetEasy lists the current owners as Stefan Sonnenfeld and Missy Papageorge (or rather a trust with their names on it), the duo behind Company 3, a post production company that's worked on everything from Bridesmaids and Transformers to Heineken commercials and Beyonce music videos. Basically, they fit right in with the 30 Crosby crowd, but have more subdued tastes than some of their former neighbors. The 3BR/3BA condo has original wooden columns, exposed brick walls, a gas fireplace, a custom-built library, and it's listed for $8.95 million.

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30 Crosby Street

30 Crosby Street, New York, NY