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A Sneak Peek Inside 57th Street Newcomer The Quin

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Amid all the action on 57th Street, it's easy to forget the slew of hotels on the way with goliaths like One57 rising day by day and that skinny SHoP-designed giant to follow. With the Viceroy New York across the street also set to open this fall, we took a look at the under-construction Quin hotel, which will have 208 rooms (including 28 suites). The projected, much-anticipated opening date is October 15, with introductory rates starting at $495/night. As for the past life of 101 West 57th Street, the erstwhile Buckingham hotel housed artistic greats like Jan Paderewski, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Marc Chagall, so the whole vibe of the place is centered around art and design.

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The Quin

101 West 57th Street, New York, NY Visit Website