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Williamsburg Church-to-Residential Conversion Underway

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New York City has a solid stock of houses of worship that have been converted to?houses of people. Now, adding to the list of churches taken residential, a tipster points us to 81 Ten Eyck Street, aka 74 Maujer Street (and a number of other aliases). The building is a church that, according to DOB permits, is being converted to residential space. The permits call for the partial demolition of the current structure?which is three stories (45 feet) tall?and a vertical extension to five stories (50 feet). There will be a total of 40 units in the new project.
The building's Schedule A?the Department of Buildings document explaining the floor-by-floor layout of each new building?calls for a few amenities, including roof terraces, a common recreation area, and 20 bicycle parking spaces.
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