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Central Park West Mansion Chops Its Price to $34 Million

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Abigail Disney, Walt's grandniece, once owned the mansion at 247 Central Park West, but its sales history has been no Disney fairytale. Abigail Disney sold the house to Coach COO Keith Monda, who needed major pricechoppage to unload the place. The buyer paid $22.4 million for it and then gave it very ambitious relisting this spring, with a $37 million asking price. But now his or her ambition has been weakened by market realities: the newly-PriceChopped ask is $34 million. Which is at least a step in the right direction. Betting on the final sales price?or whether the owner will just decide to hold on for longer?is now open.
The 1887 house was built by William Noble, as one of a row of nine spec houses. Noble kept number 247 for his own use, and it was turned into apartments in 1948 and then turned back into a single-family place (ah, there's the Disney magic). Here's the floorplan:

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247Central Park West

247 Central Park West, New York City, NY 10024