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Adorable 1830 Greenwich Village Townhouse Wants $13.5M

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This 1830 townhouse two-and-a-half-story townhouse at 52 West 10th Street is adorable, quaint, and $13.45 million. It also, as to be expected from a house almost two centuries old, contains quite a bit of history. The Federal brick townhouse was built—with a number of fancy details—for carpenter Abner Tucker, but, for reasons unknown, was converted into a stable in the later part of the 19th century. It stayed that way until the 1920s, when artists began to flock to the Village. A painter and sculptor named Frederick MacMonnies bought the stable for $25,000 and began converting it into a studio on the ground floor with an apartment above. MacMonnies, who lived down the block, rented the space out to other artists until his death in 1937, at which point the house became a modern dance studio. In 1954, under new ownership, the studio was converted into a one-car garage.

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