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Owner Wants $6M For Bonkers Black Condo Of Rap Video Fame

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[Photos via The Apartment.]

The semi-celebrity owner of an out-of-control, eclectically designed, erotica-filled all-black apartment known for its rager parties and cameos in a music video, Law and Order, and modeling shoots is ready to move on, putting it on the market for $5,995,000. Though the listing isn't public yet, the WSJ reports that Cindy Gallop is selling her open-plan 3,800-square foot loft, which has three bedrooms and three bathrooms (including a master bath with no doors, hot). Originally the men's locker room of the 1904-built McBurney YMCA at 213 West 23rd Street, it underwent a residential conversion back in 2005, courtesy of interior design, marketing and branding firm The Apartment.

Gallop?the self-proclaimed "Michael Bay of business," founder of the pro-sex, pro-porn movement Make Love Not Porn (about which she delivered a racy TED talk), an art collector, owner of 300 pairs of shoes, and former head of ad agency giant BBH?paid $1.5 million for the unit and another $1 million for the renovation, telling The Apartment's Stefan Boublil that she wanted to feel like she was in a Shanghai nightclub. The "lacquered Chinese box" feel has gained notoriety from several forays into the public eye, serving as the backdrop for Notorious B.I.G's video "Nasty Girl" and an episode of Law and Order SVU. "They didn't add any props," Gallop told the Journal. "They said it already looked like a pimp lives here." Well, a plethora of taxidermy (and 15 other ridiculous decorative touches) will do that.

We'll leave you with clips of Dwell and HGTV discussing the one-of-a-kind abode, plus, you know, the "Nasty Girl" video. (During the shooting, Nelly was forced to luxuriate in a hot tub of cold water because of a pipe malfunction.) Come on, who wouldn't want to live here?

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