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Plan For Washington Heights Towers Foiled By Rival Developer

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Here's one way to stop a developer from erecting three unwanted apartment towers: buy the land where they plan to build. That's the latest twist in the tale of Quadriad Realty Partners' quest to construct a group of 25- to 28-story towers?shorter than the previously reported 29 to 31 stories?on Broadway near 192nd Street in Washington Heights. When we last checked in, they had added more affordable housing and were expected to submit plans to the city, but they missed one crucial step. They never actually acquired the land. And now, according to DNAinfo, HAP Investment Development snapped up two of the sites, and they aren't being too cooperative about working with Quadriad. They are in talks about the project, but it's on hold for the time being since "you can't rezone property you don't own."

The community board is vehemently opposed to the development, and they've shot down the plans before. Quadriad plans to build in two phases, and the first phase would require tearing down the buildings at 4452 and 4454 Broadway, the two sites that were purchased by HAP. This phase would have 480 units, 194 of which would be affordable.

If Quadriad does not reach an agreement with HAP, the developer will simply move forward with one site. If a rezoning is not approved, they will build a smaller development as of right. This project would contain no affordable units. Quadriad principal Henry Wollman wants to start construction in 2014, no matter what the plans may be, and he doesn't plan to make nice with the community. He told DNAinfo that he will not be making any more presentations to the community board, and he called all previous meetings "a waste of time."
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