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Williamsburg Man Lists Room for Rent, with a Serious Catch

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Some roommates leave passive-aggressive notes to vent their frustrations; some take to Craigslist.

Free Williamsburg spotted this fantastic ad (since removed, unfortunately) listing a room for rent "situated between the L, JMZ, and G trains" with a "kitchenette, a large . . . bathroom, and a roommate that's going to have some opinions on Syria."

The renter goes on to complain:

"As for me, I haven't been home in a week. I've been staying late at work, and then grounding myself at a bar until last call. Then I wander the streets until dawn breaks. Cold, afraid, and lonely; content only in knowing that I don't have to talk to my roommate about Syria. Oh really, Mike? "Apathy towards the Middle East is bankrupting this nation's morality"? Stop using my shampoo.

But hey, his misery can be your boon, assuming you're willing to tolerate political smugness . . . the rent's only $800 a month!

UPDATE: Apparently this is the work of comedian Andy Bankin. Oh well, still funny.
· "Great $800 room available in Williamsburg with one catch" [FWB]