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93 Waverly Unleashes 17 Rental Units From $2,200/Month

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Even though the listings have been on StreetEasy for 18 days 93 Waverly actually officially launched last week, launching 17 units into the Clinton Hill rental market. Studios start at $2,200, 1BRs at $2,350, and 2BRs at $3,350. Units have oak floors, big windows, and large closets; some are duplexes and/or have outdoor space. As for shared amenities, there's a 2,000-square-foot roof deck on which there are planters made from reclaimed wood, which makes it possible for each apartment to come with its own mini vegetable/herb garden. Also the lobby is lined with that Brooklyn Toile wallpaper that Beastie Boy Mike D designed and is in both his own townhouse and places like the MoMA store. How very borough-appropriate! This is the first foray into Brooklyn for Caspi Development, which recently acquired the building. There are no floorplans and not as many photos as we'd like, so just imagine 17 little herb gardens instead.

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